Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

I know I promised it wouldn't be so long this time, but the holiday season was incredibly crazy for us this year! I have so many exciting things to tell you about, but for now I'll just start with a few!

First, we added a new pet to our family.....

I've had Bianca, the kitty, for 11 years.....but Cinderella (Emerson named her, of course) is our newest family pet. Don't even ask me what I was thinking when I caved to her request for a guinea pig, but I find myself loving the little thing! When I fetch her fresh veggies from the fridge, she "popcorns" with happiness (don't ask me why they call it that, I just read it on a web site somewhere that when guinea pigs make this crazy purring noise its called popcorning). I sit on the couch with her and she snuggles up while we watch TV together. Oh yes, and Emerson is enjoying her as well!

I participated in my first craft show the weekend after Thanksgiving, so most of the last few months were in preparation for that event. I definitely learned a great deal from the experience. I don't believe it was the right venue for my items, but I did get a lot of positive feedback and met some fantastic people and made some new friends! So I definitely think I'll be trying this scene again, I just need to look for a bit different clientele.

We went to North Carolina this year to visit my in-laws for the holiday season and just got home a couple days ago. I'm finally getting the chance to catch up on emails, etc. and will hopefully be doing some sewing here in the next couple days! I'm dying to create some fun new goodies!! I have lots more to share about Emerson Rose Designs' future.....but next time, I promise :)

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