Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Girly Girl is here.....

My new Spring collection is available online now! Shop on my website by clicking or you can check out my Etsy store by clicking .

The colors in these gorgeous sets are absolutely beautiful for spring! Lots of mix and match pieces for you :) Here are a few pictures from our photo shoot :) Enjoy and Happy Shopping :)

The girls had so much fun playing together! We took them at this beautiful park in a historic area of Tampa called Hyde Park. Absolutely gorgeous houses and a beautiful part of town. Emerson promptly came home and told her Daddy "We were so surprised Daddy, Mommy was so nice to us, she let us play BEFORE and AFTER we took pictures, can you believe it?" LOL! Normally she isn't allowed to do much playing in her customs when we are taking photos! But, hey, the way I figure it, these customs were meant for playing so why not? Emerson much preferred having her photos taken with friends around and the other girls all did fantastic, everyone is already looking forward to the summer collection photo shoot since I'm planning on doing it at the beach!!!


Bellabebeco said...

I love everything Kelly!! awesome colors, designs models!! Just love everything about your new collection, I wish you the best!!


Ineke Original said...

Just LOVE this!