Sunday, March 29, 2009

Friends and Fun!!

I'm so sorry it has been a while since I've posted! I've been so busy nursing my sick girl back to health, cleaning, and on a much happier note, visiting with my bestie, Debbie!!

Debbie and I have known each other for almost 2 years through eBay. We quickly became "besties" talking on the phone all the time! Finally last summer we had the chance to meet as Emerson and I drove up to Destin to spend a couple days with her and her family at the beach. Then Emerson and I flew up to TN to spend a few days with her back in January. I was so excited that she and her daughter Rilyn finally came to visit us in Florida!!!

The house was an absolute disaster area so I had to clean all last weekend. Then, of course, Emerson came down with yet ANOTHER cold on Monday, so we shuttled her to the doctor. Of course, it was just a simple cold virus, but her asthma was acting up so we were "supposed" to be back on breathing treatments every 4 hours instead of just once a day. I say "supposed" to be, because of course with all the excitment of Debbie and Rilyn being here, I just couldn't get her to sit still long enough to do more than her usual once a day.

Debbie and Rilyn arrived on Wednesday afternoon and we went non-stop until they left yesterday evening. On Wednesday, we went swimming in the pool, played in the backyard, and went for yummy Marble Slab ice cream.

On Thursday, we had the pleasure of meeting Kacey of maddie*kate and her two sweet little ones, Mallory and Jack. We met up at the playground at International Plaza and it was so sweet how Rilyn and Emerson quickly took to Mallory and the kids ran around together until they kicked us out of the playground for cleaning time. Debbie took a few pictures which I will share with you later as I didn't get a copy of those. We met them around 1:30 p.m. and realized it was 3:00 p.m. before we even went to eat lunch, we were all having too much fun! The kiddos were starving! We ate at the Cheesecake Factory....yummy!! Then we did a little shopping and got home late that evening. We were exhausted! But, no rest for the weary.....

We woke up first thing Friday morning and set off for Disney World where we met Allison, *lula*bee*boutique*, and her absolute sweetheart of a little girl, London. Once again, the girls took to London instantly....they all looked so beautiful in their Minnie wear! We are so lucky to live only about an hour from Disney World so we go all the time. It was only Rilyn and London's second visit so they were so excited!! I have to say, as many times as we have been to Disney, it really was one of my most favorite days there. The girls were so well behaved. As tired as they were and as hot as it was, they never complained, never whined, they just had a blast together! It was so fantastic meeting Allison in person for the first time, she is as sweet as I knew she would be. We also had an alterior motive for meeting up that day as a few of us IvyLane gals are going to be having a Mini Minnie launch tomorrow on eBay, so I'll be sharing a few sneak peeks of my sets in these pictures. Emerson and Rilyn are both wearing my creations and London is wearing Allison's gorgeous patchwork dress. Of course Rilyn and London are modeling Melissa's, thebowvine, fantastic bows!!

We didn't home Friday night until after midnight!! We woke up Saturday and that was the only day we really spent at home. The girls played in the backyard together again, watched movies, and colored. Debbie and I relaxed on the back porch together chatting and playing on our computers! It was so insanely windy here yesterday, things were flying everywhere! The winds were around 25mph with gusts up over 40mph. I have to admit, with all the storms in the Midwest, I was somewhat hoping their flight would get cancelled and they'd be able to stay for another night! I didn't get so lucky :( I know Debbie was missing her little baby boy Jackson bad though, so I was happy she got to home and see him. Before I knew it, we were rushing out the door to take them to the airport.

Emerson was so exhausted, she is still my sweet little girl who requires 12 to 14 hours of sleep a day, she still naps at least 4 days a week, she was struggling to keep up with Rilyn!! She fell asleep in the car about 3 minutes after we pulled out of the driveway and slept all the way to the airport and then all the way back to the restaurant by our house where we met Andy for dinner. She was devasted when she realized her new best friend wasn't in the car anymore. This morning when she woke up, she seemed so out of sorts. She was extra needy and very quiet and reserved today, not her normal talkative and active self. She said once how sad she was that Rilyn and Debbie had gone home, I'll admit I felt the same. It was so quiet around here today and although I got lots of sewing done, it was an empty and lonely feeling having our "besties" gone :(

Hopefully we will be seeing them again soon!! Here are a few pictures of the girls from Disney on Friday. How beautiful do they look and how much fun are they having??? Love the sets their wearing? Make sure you search IvyLane Mouse tomorrow to take a peek at our listings!

Emerson and Rilyn meeting London for the first time!

A little fun in Minnie's house!

We tried to get a picture of the girls together in front of Cinderella's Castle, but apparently the sun was shining in their eyes....LOL! I think this is the cutest picture of all three of them rubbing their eyes. I'm sure they were all thinking "I wish they would stop taking our pictures!!" Being the true models that they are though, none of them said a word!! Poor babies!!

We learned quickly that Melissa's bows are waterproof! The girls had a blast playing in Ariel's Grotto! They were all soaked, but London definitely took the prize for wettest!!

With sweet Princess Belle! We had the pleasure of meeting Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty as well! The girls were star struck!!

So that's all for now! I'll have plenty more to share in the next few weeks as I have lots of fun new sets I'm working on. Emerson's birthday is just 2 1/2 weeks away, ooh, yes, check out these cute invitations I ordered for her party! She hasn't seen them yet, but I know she will LOVE them! Andy's parents are coming to visit for a week and then we are actually headed back to Disney for a week! I can't wait to spend some time there, usually we just go for a day or two, never a whole week, so I am really looking forward to that!! Well, I think that is it for now!!! Thanks for letting me go on and on about our fun week!!


Jessica said...

They all look adorable!!! Sounds like a very fun time was had by all :)

Kacey said...

It was great meeting you guys too!! The kids had so much fun. I hope we can do it again soon.
We'll chat soon about the launch!