Monday, July 27, 2009

Just a quick one....

Just a quick post to share a few pictures :)

First, a few weeks ago I noticed this green lizard sleeping on a leaf right outside our front door in the bushes. When I tell you this lizard was sound asleep, he was SOUND asleep. I even touched him a little to see if he would move! Lizards are usually very fast and will run if you come anywhere near them. He's not there every night, but I'd say at least twice a week or so for the last month. So my husband finally snapped a picture last night, sorry that they are so awful, but it was hard since it was so dark out! But, I thought it was hysterical, so here he is....sound asleep on the leaf!! Totally unaware that we were taking his picture!

Then, I just had to share this cute picture of my hubby, I was working on embroidering a little poem on a new set I'm working on (I'll be listing it in a couple weeks!) and I needed a little break while it was going, but I was worried that something would go wrong while I was out of the sewing room, so I asked Andy to "keep an eye on it" for me. Well, apparently he took me quite literally because when I walked back into my sewing room, he was sitting with his face about two inches away from the machine REALLY keeping his eye on it! It was so loud he didn't hear me coming. I was able to sneak in, grab my camera real quick, and snap this picture! He is such a sweetheart!! Love you babe!!

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mylittlefairytales said...

That is really, really cute, glad you got that on camera! Also, what a darling little room! :})