Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Because my baby said to.....

We had a busy day around here! I dropped Emerson off at school and came home to finish up a custom. Got that out in the mail just in time to scoot out the door to pick her up. Then Emerson had her first dentist appointment, which didn't go so well, another story for another day. Then I had to have some blood work done and then I had a doctor's appointment right after that. So we've had a busy day of not-so-fun things to do!!

My somewhat cranky and in desperate need of a nap daughter and I arrived home and she promptly took off for her playroom as she was "really missing" Baby Cinderella, her best friend since Santa brought her at Christmas. I sorted through the mail and picked up a few things around the house and decided I should check on her. I walked into her playroom to see this:

I couldn't help but laugh, Emerson has recently taken to curling up in tight spaces....she loves sitting inside my small storage baskets, burrowing under the clean clothes in laundry baskets, and this weekend she even tried to squeeze inside the oven of her play kitchen!! I tried to kindly explain that the bunk beds were for her baby doll's only and she was way too big to be inside there and then I asked her what in the world had possessed her to climb in there. She looked up at me so sweetly and said as serious as can be "But Mommy, Baby Cinderella told me to do it!"

I just love this age!!

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TaDa! Creations said...

That's adorable! My girls do the same thing. They empty all their toy bins so they can sit in them. Working on the picking everything back up part is tough though.